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Abigail Stanton is one of the first widows we see in the pilot episode of When Calls the Heart. She moved to Coal Valley (now Hope Valley) several years before with her husband Noah and son Peter. Both of them died in the explosion of the mine. Since then, Abigail was a source of strength and hope for all the other widows in Coal Valley. She is charming, brave, intelligent, and charismatic.

Season 1[]

In Season 1, Abigail is one of the widows Elizabeth first meets when she gets to Coal Valley. She is one of the first women to welcome Elizabeth and the two women quickly become friends. She invited Elizabeth into her Row house after the teacherage was burnt and Elizabeth later in the season moved with her to the cafe when Abigail opened it. In the beginning of season 1, Henry Gowen wants the row houses for the new miners and in order to save their homes the widows (and eventually all the women) go into the mine to save their homes. Abigail is a source of strength to the widows in Coal Valley.

Season 2[]

In season 2 Abigail had a brief relationship with Bill Avery before she found out he was married, and later when his former wife shows up threatening Abigail for her relationship with Bill. In early season 2 during the mining company trial, Abigail discovers that her son Peter was married, and meets his widow, Clara Stanton. Later in the Cafe Abigail and Clara have a heart to heart talk about Peter and Clara promises to write to Abigail when she gets back to Hamilton. However, when Clara doesn't write, Abigail begins to worry and goes to look for her in Hamilton. When Abigail finds Clara, she works with Bill Avery to release Clara of her work and then Clara comes back with Abigail to Hope Valley.

Season 3[]

In Season 3 Abigail has a hot and cold relationship with Paster Frank Hogan, complicated by his past, and the Garrison Gang. However when the Garrison's are arrested, Abigail and Frank resume their relationship and become closer yet.

Season 4[]

Abigail had a short relationship with Pastor Frank Hogan before he left Hope Valley to be the pastor at the children's Hospital. While they were together, they were both involved in taking care of her adopted son Cody and dog Dasher. Cody and Rebecca Hastings were both adopted by her a while after they came to Hope Valley on their own. She was also a source of comfort to Elizabeth after Jack left for the Northern Territories.

After the arrest of Henry Gowen, the former mayor of Hope Valley, Abigail is shifted into the role of mayor, while continuing to run her cafe.

Season 5[]

As the mayor in season five she fights the railroad when they go back on their promise. She gets them to honor the contract and the railroad is brought to Hope Valley. She also deals with the bank losing all of the town’s money. With the help of Henry she finds an investor to keep the bank afloat.

Season 6[]

At the beginning of season six Abigail brings the telephone to Hope Valley. Later in the season she unfortunately leaves Hope Valley with Cody to care for her sick mother.


  • Jack Thornton
  • Elizabeth Thornton
  • Henry Gowen
  • Bill Avery
  • Frank Hogan